Certificate of Georeferencing

Surveyors and the Certificate of Georeferencing in Altea, Alfás del Pi and Benidorm.

The topographic plane of an urban parcel for the government office of Cadastre must be georeferenced, ie each point of the plane must have a Universal UTM coordinates that are unique to it on the whole planet Earth. In this way it is guaranteed that all planes are in the same Geodetic Reference System and there can be no ambiguities in this sense, in the position of one field there can be no other, each geographical object has its unique global coordinates and do not match the nothing else in the world. It is denominated Certificate of Georeferencing of a property to the obtaining and delivery to Catastro of a georeferenced plane and measured in the official reference system. The Certificate is issued by Topography and Geomatics Engineers who are inscribed to the Official College of Surveying Engineers of the Valencina Community. Once the Cadastre plan has been rectified, a Contradictory Expert Appraisal can be requested, adjusted to the new area. We make topographic plans in Benidorm, La Nucía, Alfaz del Pi, El Albir and Altea. In addition to Villajoyosa and Finestrat in the Baja Costa Blanca Marina and Benisa, Benitatxell, Teulada and Moraira in the Marina Alta.

PHONE: 34-696 29 18 27

Topographers of el Albir
Engineering Topographic of Altea and Alfás del Pi, Alicante




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