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The Engineers experts in urbanism when we perform an Expert for a trial we are governed by the Law of Civil Prosecution that in its section removes provides us the basis for our work of urban research.
Our work consists of recapitulating graphic information, cadastre plans, topographical plans, municipal plans, urbanization project plans, etc. In addition to reading the property statistics, consult the data of the Land Registry, its simple notes, the certifications of Cadastre and all the documentation always official that we have a property such as a plot or a house.
Normally the defense of private real estate property happens to fix the boundaries, that is to say the limits of the property. This is usually the typical expert’s work, accurately determine the position of the perimeter that closes a real estate. For this, the work of the Topography Engineers attached to the Official College of Surveyors of the Valencian Community is fundamental. Surveyors determine the surface of the farm or rephrase it in the field from the Cadastre data or public deed. Therefore they attest that the surface is true with a Certificate of Georeference that locates the property worldwide.
The Experts know all the laws of urbanism as much the municipal ordinances, as those of the Valencian Community, as in Spain. They apply them to correctly carry out their Technical Report or Opinion or Certificate.
(We literally copy the extract)

“Article 335.

Purpose and purpose of the expert opinion. Oath or promise to act with objectivity.
1. Where scientific, artistic, technical or practical knowledge is required to assess facts or circumstances relevant to the matter or to acquire certainty about them, the parties may submit to the process the opinion of experts having the relevant knowledge or request, in the cases provided for In this law, that an opinion be issued by an expert appointed by the court.
2. When issuing an opinion, all experts must state, under oath or promise to state their truth, that they have acted and, if necessary, act as objectively as possible, taking into account both what they may favor and what is susceptible of Cause injury to any of the parties, and that it knows the penal sanctions that could be incurred if it breaches its duty as expert.

Article 336.

Contribution with the demand and the answer of opinions elaborated by experts appointed by the parties.
1. Opinions available to litigants, drawn up by experts appointed by them and deemed necessary or convenient for the defense of their rights, must be submitted with the application or with the answer, if it is to be done in written form, Without prejudice to the provisions of article 337 of this Law.
2. Opinions shall be made in writing, together with any other appropriate documents, instruments or materials, in order to present the expert’s opinion on what has been the subject of the expert’s report.
3. If it is not possible or convenient to provide these materials and instruments, the brief will contain sufficient information about them. The documents may also be accompanied by the opinion deemed appropriate for the most accurate assessment.
4. It shall be understood that it is possible for the applicant to submit written opinions by an expert appointed by him, if he does not fully justify that the defense of his right has not allowed the application to be delayed until the opinion is obtained.

These two articles of the civil prosecution law are very important but they are not the only ones, we recommend the whole law as a whole.

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